Complex Calc

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Complex Calc is a calculator designed to make doing advanced calculations on your phone easy. It can handle both real and complex numbers and retains a history of previous calculations allowing you quickly refer to them when doing long calculation.

Complex numbers can be entered in either rectangular form (eg. 5+ 2i), or polar form (eg. 4∠90°), or both in the same equations. There is no need to switch between modes.

Complex Calc always tries to return the most appropriate form of a number. If you multiply two complex numbers in rectangular form, the answer will be in rectangular form as well. The same applies to numbers in polar form. There is full support for parenthesis and order of operations.

Equations can be entered using normal infix notation, so there is no need to learn reverse polish notation.

Example: 5 + (5+3)*i + 10∠180
will evaluate to: -5 + 8i