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Detecting whether or not Zune is connected when using photochooser task.

When a windows phone is connected to the computer and zune is open, apps on the phone can’t access the photos stored on the phone through the photochooser task. If zune is connected the photochooser task will immediately return with e.TaskResult set to TaskResult.Cancel, which is the same return value as if the user had [...]

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Applying Styles to Silverlight Controls

If you have several controls that you want to make look the same, instead of editing their properties individually, you can set them all at once with a style. Then if you change your mind you don’t have to edit the ‘Background’ property of 20 elements. In your XAML just above your ‘LayoutRoot’ grid add [...]

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Moving from XNA to XNA/Silverlight hybrid on WP7

With the Mango update for WP7 you can now create “Windows Phone Silverlight and XNA Applications.” I’ve decided to make a game to make use of this Silverlight/XNA hybrid technology, with the main advantages I see being able to use the Silverlight web browser control in game for things like social network integration. However, as [...]

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New Game: Sort It!

I’ve just released a new game for WP7 called Sort It!. It’s a simple game, all you have to do is sort the shapes into the correct box. The challenge comes when the colours are removed so you need to look at the shapes, or when the colours of the shapes don’t match the colours [...]

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ERBY eReader v1.3 Released

ERBY eReader version 1.3 has been released. Updates in this version include: Text-to-speech capabilities (Only availiable for some languages) A translation history has been added Significant speed improvements You can get it from the WP7 Marketplace

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ERBY Updates

ERBY version 1.2 has been submitted and should be available in a few days. It only includes a few minor fixes, the main being the problems with reading and translating Chinese text. Another fix regarding downloading books from Project Gutenberg has been implemented. Books with Chinese or other non-latin characters should now display correctly when [...]

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New App: ERBY eReader!

I have just release a new app to the WP7 marketplace. ERBY eReader is an ebook reader for Windows Phone 7. However it is made for those who are learning a foreign language. When reading a book, you can just tap on a word and get a tranlation. It is powered by Microsoft® Translator, so [...]

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Level Editor for Maze Escape

I have just submitted an update to Maze Escape with a new level editor. It should be availiable for download in a couple of days. With it you can now create your own mazes to play. I have also fixed a bug that sometimes resulted in duplicate high scores appearing in the high score table.

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